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Who We are?

People are Suspecting, "This Year also massive rains will fall. Assumption may be true or false that is not the important matter. The main Problem is

  • If you're building roof is cracked & water is leaking inside.
  • If water is stagnate at roof & your room ceiling is damp.
  • If your room wall is damp or cracked.
  • If bathroom side wall is damp or salt pitress at wall.
  • If R.C.C. ceiling/beam/pillar is cracked & iron rod is rusted & exposed day by day.
  • May be gardening is your hobby, but you have no more space. You may make a garden and swimming pool also at your building roof.

What we Do?

Gita water proofing offers a comprehensive range of stain prevention and maintenance services.

  • Waterproofing Treatment of Leaky Roof
  • Overhead Water Tank
  • Under Ground Water Tank
  • Bath Room
  • Roof Garden
  • Damp Wall
  • Epoxy Grouting
  • Soli Grouting
  • Non Shrink high Polymer Grouting
  • Renovate of Decay R.C.C Structure etc.