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About Gita Waterproofing

Manufacturing of Waterproofing Compound :

In the time revaluation, Centuries after Conturies the human race Step foroward to more and more new civilisation by the viitue of Science and improved Technology. In this era this tradition is also unchanged and now the Technology in all sphere devaloped and mordernised. So, the same in Structural concept also the old pttaren Civil Structures remodeled and rebuild in new type. Some time old structure joined with new one. Keeping in view of the new mordernisation of Civil technology, "GITA WATERPROOFING " after long re-searh devoloped verious type of waterproofing compound effective for deferent location.

More than 20 years we are working in the field of waterproofing treatment at various site of India.

We are doing work both at underground & Overhead structure. Such as Truck hopper, Wagon Tripler, Underground tunnel of belt conveyer etc. Also we are doing waterproffing treatment at open roof, parapet wall, sunshade, swiming pull, toilet, bathroom, underground basement, Bank locker etc.